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Melissa D.:

We're absolutely delighted with UMAMI RESTAURANT A.Y.C.E!

Discovering this gem was a joy, thanks to our son's recommendation. My husband, hailing from Hawaii, has a discerning palate for sushi, while I'm particularly selective about what I eat. It's a treat to encounter sushi venues that cater to my preference for no-rice rolls, and Umami satisfies with an impressive selection.

Upon arrival, a warm-hearted host welcomed us and promptly showed us to our table. Visiting on a Monday around noon allowed for a swift seating due to the lighter crowd. However, a visit at 7pm once resulted in an hour's wait, suggesting that a weekday lunch might be the opportune time to dine without delay.

The restaurant's aesthetic is a study in simplicity and elegance, adorned with beautiful white cherry blossoms that introduce a tasteful flair. The atmosphere is buoyed by lively, upbeat music, though it may border on the loud for some; personally, I find it adds to the charm.

Turning to the culinary delights, the array of appetizers is a highlight, featuring options like bulgogi, fried rice, gyoza, cucumber salad, and baked green mussels, among others. My husband's favorite, the Lisa Lisa roll, comes perfectly topped with tempura crunch, alongside a variety of appetizers including shrimp tempura, chicken Katsu, and the must-try Bulgogi fries.

I favor the No Rice Rolls menu, a dinner-exclusive offering priced at $33.97, if memory serves. For someone who prefers to avoid rice, the additional cost is entirely justified. Nonetheless, when it's time for AYCE sushi, I indulge wholeheartedly.

Among the standout dishes is the seafood salad, brimming with fresh fish - salmon, tuna, yellowtail, alongside a tempura shrimp and cucumber salad, offering a fulfilling dish within itself, albeit with a one-per-customer rule during dinner. The yellowtail and salmon carpaccio are equally fresh and delightful. My selections also included Octopus nigiri, the spicy crab-wrapped Stuffed tomato, and the Tuna poke on won ton chips, each a testament to the quality and creativity on offer.

The service consistently impresses with its courtesy, readiness to assist, and the remarkably swift delivery of dishes.

To encapsulate, UMIYA equals delight. For an exceptional sushi experience coupled with enjoyable appetizers in an AYCE format, this venue is unmatched.

Stefan R.:

After a few months away, my craving for wasabi signaled it was time for a return visit. Arriving right at opening time, we found ourselves ahead of the emerging lunchtime waitlist—this place never fails to draw a crowd. The ambiance, vibrant and loud as ever, set the stage for an immediate seating. Our server, Matt, expertly navigated the iPad ordering system, allowing us to swiftly select our favorites without a glance at the menu, a testament to our frequent visits and sushi enthusiasm. Given the holiday, the restaurant offered a single "all-day" pricing model, which suited us just fine as it's our usual choice anyway.

The service was impressively quick, though it did give off a slight rush-to-finish vibe, likely due to the bustling atmosphere and eager patrons waiting outside. The day's highlights included rare finds like uni and favorites such as salmon belly, unagi, tako, and ikura. The sushi staples—maguro, ebi, saba, and more—were reliably tasty, though the sushi rice's looser structure made for a bit of a challenge with chopsticks. The appetizers, including edamame, shumai, miso soup, and udon, hit the spot. The fried rice was decent, but oddly came with a single spoon for two people.

In summary, my wasabi needs have been thoroughly satisfied. Will I return? Absolutely. It slipped my mind to inquire about a military discount, and from what I recall, it's not something they offer. A slight inconvenience was the practice of providing just one menu per table, potentially frustrating for those who prefer a bit more time to decide. My focus on the culinary experience over photography meant fewer pictures but a fully immersive dining adventure.

Amy W.:

Our party of six was promptly accommodated in a semi-private booth near the entrance. For my 4-year-old, there were several dining options: an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) meal for $14.95, selections from the children's menu, or ordering a la carte. Additionally, we were inquired about my 2-year-old's height, and since she was under 3 feet, she dined for free, which was a pleasant surprise.

I particularly enjoy the nigiri here for its generous slices of fish paired with just the right amount of rice. It's worth noting that certain specialty items can only be ordered once, making them must-try options on every visit.

The restaurant boasts a delightful atmosphere. While the service might appear brisk and the servers somewhat aloof at times, their efficiency in providing prompt service is commendable.

Michael D.:

It's been a while since our last visit to Umami Sushi, but after returning twice recently, I felt compelled to refresh my previous review. Indeed, Umami continues to dazzle with its flavorful offerings, making it our go-to spot for impressing guests. Everyone we've introduced to this place has been thoroughly impressed!

The restaurant often buzzes with patrons, and while they don't accept reservations, the experience is always worth any potential wait. We've found the sweet spot for visiting is in the late afternoon, bridging lunch and dinner, which helps us avoid the crowds and, humorously, combines two meals into one.

Umami offers an all-you-can-eat option with a time cap, but the atmosphere remains relaxed and unhurried unless it's a particularly busy day. On those occasions, the staff gently reminds you of the time limit, encouraging you to place any final orders.

Opting for the all-you-can-eat experience has never disappointed us. It includes an extensive selection from the menu: starters, sashimi, nigiri, standard rolls, specialty rolls, and even desserts. Yes, it's a culinary paradise where you can indulge in everything!

The menu's vast and delectable choices prompted me to start jotting down my favorites to ensure I remember them for future visits. We're eagerly looking forward to our next trip to Umami to discover more culinary delights.

Jay R.:

Whenever I find myself in this area, I make it a point to dine at this sushi restaurant. It's renowned for delivering exceptional value without compromising on quality. Unlike typical all-you-can-eat spots that bulk up their servings with rice, this establishment stands out by offering ample fish portions with just the right amount of rice. This approach is particularly impressive in times when others might reduce portions due to economic pressures. The quality of their offerings is consistently high; the tuna, a personal favorite of mine, is always fresh, devoid of any off-putting odors or flavors. Nigiri tops my list of must-haves, though their sushi rolls, especially the Hawaiian Roll, are a close second, boasting generous fish fillings. The service here is unfailingly friendly and efficient. While I've seen other restaurants struggle with pacing after multiple orders, this place maintains its swift service. They've also given the interior a modern makeover, enhancing the dining experience. I do wish they'd add halibut to the menu, as it's a hit-or-miss offering at other venues.

This restaurant has cemented its place as my top choice, thanks to its tradition of serving notably large pieces of fish—a practice they've upheld since opening. This seems to have set a standard in the area, prompting others to offer thicker slices as well. Among the staff, there's a particularly seasoned server (I recall her name being Yuki, Yumi, or Seiko, something along those lines) who embodies exceptional hospitality. Her attentiveness and quick service perfectly exemplify the restaurant's commitment to excellence.